Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Servion Workwise - 2001 to 2006

Servion was my first professional association - I was placed out of campus after a few sessions of Group Discussions and a round of personal interview - the usual tell me about yourself and tell me about your final year project kinds - and a "Technical round". The technical round was more on understanding a few sample functional specs, documents and to try replicating them on a new case. Overall the process was smooth and out of the 15 candidates from my class of 2001 I was the only one selected (applause, applause, APPLAUSE).

I still remember my so called guts in making a statement to HR (that was before the interview) "Sir, I am not sure on what is the kind of position you are hiring me for, but I want to tell you that I cannot sit in front of a PC from 9-5 and just do software coding, I need to interact with people and I need to travel a lot". The HR told me "Don't worry Arun, you are in the right place".

I was placed as a Systems Engineer (aka Business Analyst) with no clue on what it is all about and first few days in office were, well clueless and dull (after 2 job changes I realize that most first days are DULL) and once I was assigned a project it was all fun (and work) and no looking back. My 5 years in Servion just Swooshed by with lots of travel (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gandhinagar, Oman, Sharjah, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.....), customer interaction, project deadlines, delivery, fights, appraisals (most of which happened over a telecon as I was continuously traveling).....

With 5+ Years in Servion I had discovered my passion for travel, food and primarily re-discovered my interest of being among people discussing their problems and trying to suggest / consult a solution. A Business Analyst was born.

Then why did I quit Servion....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Workwise – My Professional Pursuits

To Introduce, my Workwise Blog is all about enriching experiences in my professional life, where I started off as a Business Analyst in Servion, my crossover to Scope International for a stint in Banking and my current move to Thoughtworks. The blog will address specific and generic experiences in my professional life, some enriching and some not so mmmm… get it.

Disclaimer - The blogs are about my personal experiences with the respective organizations and the blog is not a review on the organizations that I have been associated with. Individual experiences with these organization may vary ;-)